The life and times of dairy farmers

Videos/Bonus Features

Manure Management

Modern dairy cows produce a lot of milk, but they also produce a lot of manure. Nichole Embertson, scientist with the Whatcom Conservation District, talks with dairy farmers (featured in the MILK MEN documentary) about managing manure and how they are thinking about their own practices.

Studying Cow Care

Director and psychologist Jan Haaken talks with researchers at the University of British Columbia Dairy Education & Research Centre about the psychological needs of cows.

Going Organic

Mesman family members, who run one of the smallest surviving dairy farms in Skagit County, describe the challenges of moving from conventional to dairy farming. It’s not as easy as it might seem!

Clarence & Bud

Clarence Oosterhof and Bud Vos, two retired farmers, haul cows to the auction market and talk about life after forty years of dairy farming.