The life and times of dairy farmers


Jan Haaken (Director)

Jan is professor emeritus of psychology at Portland State University, a clinical psychologist, and an award-winning documentary filmmaker. From refugee camps, war zones, domestic violence shelters and asylums to drag bars and hip-hop clubs, Haaken’s projects focus on people who inhabit the border zones of society. She has published extensively on the psychology of storytelling and on the use of film and visual methods in the social sciences, and has produced a range of multi-media materials that are widely used in classroom settings. Her films include DIAMONDS, GUNS AND RICE (Co-director); QUEENS OF HEART (Director); MOVING TO THE BEAT (Producer); GUILTY EXCEPT FOR INSANITY Director), and MIND ZONE: THERAPISTS BEHIND THE FRONT LINES (Director). She also is a programmer on KBOO Community Radio in Portland, Oregon.

Caleb Heymann (Co-director of Photography)

Caleb started shooting documentaries in the late 1990s, before moving to South Africa, where he graduated from AFDA film school in Cape Town.  His keen eye for composition along with his ability to move quickly and create beautiful yet naturalistic lighting made him a sought after Director of Photography in South Africa.  His deep technical knowledge of both film and digital formats dovetails with his creative passion for storytelling and artistic experimentation.  Now working between the USA and South Africa, Caleb has lensed dozens of commercials and music videos, as well as feature and short documentary and narrative projects.  

Susan Kucera (Co-director of Photography)

Susan is an award-winning filmmaker and cinematographer. She has been working in film since she was nine years old, first as a camera assistant creating science films with her father for Britannica films, then as a screenwriter and commercial director. She produced, wrote, directed and filmed TRADING IN THIN AIR (2009) chosen by Films for Action as one of the top docs for affecting positive change in the world. The film is in wide distribution with Gravitas Ventures. She produced, directed and edited FOR THE LOVE OF TANGO (2014), and recently completed BREATH OF LIFE with international distribution through Vision Films release date April 1 2015. Susan currently films with the Red Epic Dragon.

Dan Sadowsky (Editor)

Dan is a multimedia storyteller, video producer and film editor based in Portland, Oregon. He’s practiced the craft of narrative storytelling for a variety of media over the last two decades, and today his company, Storymind Productions, focuses on telling inspiring stories through character-driven, documentary-style videos for nonprofits and businesses.

Friderike Heuer (Production Still Photographer)

After receiving her Ph.D. from the New School for Social Research in New York in experimental psychology, Friderike taught Visual Perception and Social Psychology for 15 years. She now works as a full-time artist and her work is primarily concerned with social justice and the consequences of migration and displacement. Her photography and photomontage series have been featured in a number of galleries and exhibitions in the Pacific Northwest.

George Mandis (Web Design & Development)

A globe-trotting web developer and occasional flâneur, George has a penchant for finding and working with interesting people on meaningful things. His web design and development company, Snaptortoise, is based out of Portland, Oregon.

Research Assistants

Grace Horowitz is a Student at Portland State University Urban Honors College pursuing a degree in psychology, with plans to obtain a doctorate in the same field. She is a single mother and avid writer. 

Karen Nickerson, a Portland native, holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Redlands. She has always had a strong interest in the balance between food production for a growing population and our environment. She recently produced, directed and edited her first documentary short. She has a passion for both humanitarian work and documentary film and hopes to fuse her passions into a rewarding career. She currently works for a local video production company in Portland.

Samantha Praus is an honors student at Portland State University, and originally from Grand Forks, North Dakota. Her concentrations include Cultural Anthropology and Urban Sustainable Development. She aspires to pursue graduate education in Anthropology and ro continue integrating film and photography as tools for meaningful storytelling. 

Joseph van der Naald is a post-baccalaureate researcher and graduate of Portland State University. He worked as a post-production research assistant for the MIND ZONE: Therapists Behind the Front Lines. His published writing has been featured in both the journal Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, as well as the blog TELOSscope, and he is currently planning to begin a graduate program studying sociology in the fall of 2015.